Tools Factory PORĘBA Ltd.

TF Poreba Ltd., established in 2011 in the former FUM Poreba gear manufacturing division, draws on over 200 years of machine tool and metal manufacturing tradition in the town of Poreba.

Employing numerous former FUM employees, TF Poreba draws upon the decades of machine tool manufacturing experience of its staff, coupling it with top of the line equipment and a commitment to excellence to produce a superior line of products.

For many years FUM has manufactured chucks for its Poreba lathes. Drawing upon this inheritance of skilled craftsmanship and expertise, TF Poreba now continues the tradition of precision engineering that has made the name Poreba synonymous with quality throughout the machine tool world, specializing in chucks and chuck components.

We offer a wide assortment of self-centering lathe chucks as well as replacement jaws for lathe and power chucks. Regardless if your chuck bears the POREBA name or another manufacturers TF Poreba Ltd. has a product that will fit your needs.



ul. Zakładowa 2A
42-480 Poręba


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